June 21, 2024

Peak times in Canada

Peak times in Canada

A week later, she was back in the 3000m again and ran with a time of 4:17.04 minutes and finished fourth. “I wish I had a better time,” she said after the two results. The young athlete clocked an impressive 5000m time of 7:26.74 minutes, improving her German age group record by seven seconds.

She managed the 1500m in 2:03.31, making two seconds at her best. In the end she won the group start.

The achievements of talent are even more surprising, because athletes of different age groups from many countries started together in each race. “There was everything, from the old to the young.” The ice in Calgary is also known as the fastest ice rink in the world due to the height (1,034 metres). But shaking records out of the pocket is not easy. “The height tempts you to start races too fast and in the end there is a high risk of crashing,” says Jasch, describing the situation. By the way, the sports trip to Canada was made by someone responsible for the Olympic Oval, who made the project palatable to the Gash family. However, this was not a new territory for Mayra Gash: two years ago she participated in competitions in Salt Lake City (USA) at the end of the season. After returning from Canada, the ice streak continued to train with her home trainer Andreas Krause – and for lessons at CJD Berchtesgaden.