February 25, 2024

Prince Harry makes serious allegations against the family in court

Prince Harry caused a stir with his statement in court.Photo: AP/Alberto Bezzali

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Vera Sibnich

Although Prince Harry has long since turned his back on the United Kingdom, there is still much that connects him to his old homeland. In addition to the royal family itself, there are also several lawsuits that Harry is filing against the British press.

There is another reason for Harry’s interest in his homeland’s courts: The Duke of Sussex wants to make sure he once again gets the usual police protection for royals when visiting his home country. This is funded by tax money. At a hearing on the matter, his lawyer has now read a personal statement from Harry. Youngest son of King Charles III. Makes a notable claim about it.

Prince Harry’s legal battle with the Home Office

In 2020, the body responsible for protecting members of the royal family, RAFIC, decided that Harry was no longer entitled to personal protection from the government when he came to his old home for appointments.

Harry’s lawyers describe the decision as “illegal and unfair.”daily Mail” Reports Now. Harry’s lawyer Shahid Fatima says Harry received “special treatment” that was “less than charitable” towards him.

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He added, “The plaintiff’s position was and still is that he must obtain state protection, given the dangers and dangers to which he is exposed.” Fatima says at the beginning of this day of negotiations. I later read a statement from Harry himself, in which the Duke of Sussex once again explains the background to his lawsuit. In it, Harry talks about the fact that he and Meghan stepped down as “working royals” a few years ago. He says:

He added: “It is with great sadness that my wife and I felt compelled to step down from this role and leave the country in 2020.”

In their Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan have already made it clear that their goal has always been to continue working with the royal family even after they leave Great Britain. However, the kings refused.

However, the fact that Harry is now speaking specifically about being forced out of his role is new. The lawyer says Harry will not accept that it is his “choice” not to be a “working member” of the royal family. He now directly accuses members of the royal family of forcing him to leave office.

05/12/2023, Great Britain, London: A look at the Royal Courts of Justice, where Britain's Prince Harry challenges the February 2020 decision to demote his security staff after...

Harry fights for personal protection of the state in a London court. Photo: AP/Alberto Bezzali

Harry sees Meghan and his children in danger

Harry also argues that it is also in the best interests of his children that they can all visit the UK together. But this is only possible if proper safety precautions are taken for it.

Harry said in his statement: “The United Kingdom is my home. The United Kingdom is the center of my children’s heritage and a place where I want them to feel as at home as they do where they currently live, the United States.”

But without police protection, Harry may see no chance of returning. “I cannot expose my wife to this risk, and given the experiences I have had in my life, I am very reluctant to expose myself to this risk.”“, he says finally.

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Harry’s lawyer accuses the Home Office of failing to properly assess the risk to which Harry is exposed. It demands that a so-called “risk management board” assess the risks to which Harry is exposed. This had not yet occurred during the evaluation in this case.

On the other hand, the government says that Ravik has the right to decide on a case-by-case basis, that is, every time Harry visits the UK, whether or not he will receive special police protection. The ruling is expected to be issued at a later date.