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The Synod of Bishops decided – the Pope agreed: to appoint new patrons for two Roman Catholic royal dioceses. In Aleppo, Syria and Montreal, Canada, believers can rejoice.

George Al-Masry (53 years old) is the new bishop of the Melkite Roman Catholic Church in Aleppo, Syria. As the Vatican announced on Friday, Pope Francis approved the corresponding decision of the Synod of Bishops of the Eastern Church united with Rome. This measure applies to all Eastern Churches uniting with the Pope.

Al-Masri was born in Syria, and after studying philosophy and theology, he worked there as a priest in various offices in the Archibarchate of Aleppo.

New Bishop for Montreal

The Vatican announced on Saturday that Pope Francis has appointed a new bishop for the Melkite Roman Catholic Church in Canada. Milad Gawish (47) becomes Archdiocese of Saint-Sauveur-de-Montreal. The cleric from Lebanon was previously active as a priest in Belgium.

The Diocese of Saint-Sauveur-de-Montreal is a united royal diocese with the Roman Catholic Church and is based in the Canadian capital. The diocese is responsible for about 37,000 Christians of the Melkite Roman Catholic Church who live in Canada. The Royal Greek Catholic Church, headquartered in Antioch, is its own church in communion with the Pope in Rome.

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