May 23, 2024

Pixminds - The French manufacturer is now also selling its gaming accessories in German-speaking regions / gaming experience

Pixminds – The French manufacturer is now also selling its gaming accessories in German-speaking regions / gaming experience

The competition is good for business, and Pixminds peripheral and gaming products have already gained many friends around the world. Now the DACH region (Germany / Austria / Switzerland) can also access the wallet.

Pixminds has been compelling internationally since 1999 with its innovative and ultra-modern approaches. The company has received the 2019 German Design Award, the Gold Medal at the 2019 German Innovation Awards, as well as many other awards worldwide, including 8 awards at Concours Lépine in France and 21 CES Innovation Awards in the United States.

The current range of gaming PC and console accessories is now available on and online stores, as well as new Lexip and Steelplay products that will be available at various retailers.

Lexip and Steelplay products are inexpensive and include new, high-quality gaming accessories. This incomplete list presents some of the most popular Pixminds products:

  • Lexib Np93 Alpha: Affordable gaming mouse with joystick. Designed specifically for games and esports to increase reaction speed (UVP: €49.99).
  • Lexib Pu94: The first mouse comes with two different joysticks – allowing for extra speed and mobility in 3D environments and is ideal for both gaming and professional applications. (UVP: 79.99 euros)
  • LEXIP B5: A specially designed mouse pad to increase mouse precision and control of the mouse, thus improving the response speed of users. (UVP: €39.99).
  • Steelplay Metaltech PS4 Controller: aPlayStation 4 compatible controller available in different colors, as well as wired – for endless gaming fun – and wireless – for maximum convenience. (RRP: Wireless €44.99; Wired €34.99).
  • Steelplay PS5 Dual Charging Dock: Charging station allows two different PS5 controllers to be charged quickly and at the same time for maximum convenience. (UVP: €17.99).
  • Steelplay HP-52 Wired Headset: A wired gaming headset that reproduces the audio landscape of video games with precision and clarity. It is equipped with a detachable, omnidirectional microphone and is compatible with a variety of computers and consoles. (UVP: €49.99).
  • Steelplay 11-in-1 Carry & Protect Kit for Switch: It includes a nylon carrying case with space for game consoles, headphones, six analog silicone covers, a screen protector with applicator and a cleaning cloth. (UVP: €19.99).
  • Stillplay Screen Protector Glass: Tempered glass designed to optimally protect the screen of your Switch and Switch Lite. Available in classic and anti-blue light special editions. (RRP: Anti-blue light €9.99; Classic €6.99).

The Lexip and Steelplay portfolio will expand this summer as new products become available at countless retailers. This expansion is expected to include the following products, among others: Lexip Webcam Ca20, Lexip Ar18 Gaming Mouse, Lexip B10 – XL RGB Mousepad, Steelplay Hydrogel Screen Protector…

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For more information on Pixminds and an insight into the product range, visit A deeper look can be found in the Lexip and Steelplay catalogs on the site And the