February 29, 2024

Piers Morgan reveals another royal

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In a clip amid the “Endgame” drama surrounding King Charles, CNN’s Piers Morgan revealed the previously secret second royal reportedly had concerns about Archie’s skin tone.

London – During a conversation with American broadcaster Oprah Winfrey (69 years old), Meghan Markle (42 years old) made serious allegations against the British royal family surrounding King Charles III in 2020. (75), questions about the color of baby Archie’s skin (4) were disturbing her In particular. Since the release of Omid Scobie’s ‘Endgame’ film, 42, Meghan has reportedly had a particularly difficult time with the statements made by two members of the royal family, but she has kept the names to herself.

Piers Morgan calls the second name of a high-profile royal alongside King Charles

Since the name of the person who, according to him, was concerned about the skin color of Prince Harry’s son was mentioned in the Dutch translation of Scobie’s book, the British monarch himself has been in the spotlight. However, Omid Scobie denied any errors, claimed that he had never written the names and the edition was immediately withdrawn from sale. But both names leaked online.

Controversial CNN correspondent and royal veteran Piers Morgan, 58, appears to have been reluctant to keep the second monarch’s name from the Brits. In one clip, he screamed loudly New York Post Frankly speaking, the second highest-ranking member of the royal family: in addition to King Charles, he is now also causing disrepute to Princess Kate (41 years old).

Classification of discussion caused by “Endgame”.

Sources close to the palace said that the king wanted to express his concerns to Meghan when he and Princess Kate discussed the future grandson of King Charles at the time. Neither Omid Scobie nor Piers Morgan explicitly alleged any bad faith or accidental bias on the part of the trustee or his daughter-in-law.

Conversely, Piers Morgan never tired of emphasizing the bona fides of the royals in his clip: “Because I don’t believe anyone in the royal family has ever made racist statements before, and until there’s actual evidence of those statements being made, I’m not going to believe… “Never.”

Piers Morgan is facing legal consequences over his clip

During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey, what still has consequences for the royal family today was discussed for the first time (photo montage).
During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, what still has consequences for the royal family today was discussed for the first time (photo montage). © Alliance Image/DPA/PA Media | Joe Pugliese/Harpo Productions and Jacob King/DPA

Legally, Morgan is on thin ice. The step can be high newsweek.com Leads to a lawsuit. Buckingham Palace or Meghan Markle’s legal team could file a lawsuit because she has a right to privacy: she wrote to King Charles III. Apparently a message may include one or even both names.

Scobie describes the correspondence in his scandalous book, which in the Dutch translation of Industrijd mentions: Meghan and King Charles III. Messages exchanged after Oprah Winfrey’s March 2021 interview allegedly discussed Archie’s safety and title. The English version of the book said: “In the pages of these private letters, two identities are revealed. Laws in the UK prevent me from reporting their identity.” Sources used: nypost.com, newsweek.com, dailymail.co.uk

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