April 22, 2024

Peru suspends online auction of pre-Columbian artifacts in Canada » latinapress news

Peru has suspended an online auction of 20 archaeological pieces from the pre-Hispanic culture of Sankey, organized by a Canadian firm. This was announced by the Ministry of External Affairs on Saturday (8th). “The Embassy of Peru in Canada and the Embassy in Toronto, in a joint effort, have closed a virtual auction of 20 pre-Hispanic cultural items from Sanque, which are part of Peru’s cultural heritage,” the ministry said in a statement. “Toronto-based Canadian auction house Waddington’s announced on its website + The Saleroom + the pieces identified by the Department of Culture,” it said.

The State Department said it is taking the necessary steps to ensure the pieces are returned to Peru. The Chancay civilization flourished in the Fortaleza, Pativilca, Supe, Huaura, Chancay, Chillon, Rímac and Lurin valleys on Peru’s central coast between 1200 and 1470, and was characterized by a valuable textile art. .

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