Nvidia skips Android 10 for Shield streaming player

Still an overall hit: the Nvidia Shield TV Pro streaming player

Nvidia does not see an option for the popular streaming player Shield in Android 10. The company continues to focus on development based on Android 9.

Anyone who fears that Nvidia is now offering new features and functionality to Shield TV streaming operator owners can rest assured. According to Nvidia, the user interface of Android TV 10 will not offer users any basic features. In addition, Android TV 9 gives developers enough freedom for future upgrades. If there’s one thing you can’t blame in the Nvidia Shield department, it’s the lack of support. Even if it was the last Shield upgrade version 8.2.2 It’s been a little longer (January 2021), and Nvidia has promised that it will be busy working on more updates behind the scenes.

Nvidia Experience Upgrades

With Shield Experience Upgrade 8.2, enhanced AI upscaling is integrated with 4K @ 60Hz
With Shield Experience Upgrade 8.2, enhanced AI upscaling is integrated with 4K @ 60Hz

Unfortunately, the number of times Nvidia has released so-called “experience upgrades” for its Nvidia Shield consoles has decreased in recent months. But this is also due to the fact that the previously published versions have brought countless features and bug fixes for people. With the latest update, Nvidia has integrated a new user interface similar to the new “Google TV” platform and introduced support for PS5 Dualsense and Xbox Series S/X controllers.

Android 11 or 12 coming?

take community Message via Nvidia forum Almost exclusively positive and it has already been speculated whether the Shield TV streaming operator might come with it in the future Android TV 11 or even Android TV 12 be equipped. We can also well imagine that newer versions offer developers much more options to make devices more attractive to reluctant owners and buyers. in our area des Nvidia Shield TV test (2019) We liked the built-in ‘streaming stick’ very much. And that’s even though features like extended console support or AI [email protected] upscaling (previously only possible up to 24/30p) were missing.

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