April 23, 2024

No delivery in sight: Ukraine awaits air defense system from Canada

No delivery in sight

Ukraine waits in vain for air defense system from Canada

Today, March 11, 2024 | 15:26

Canada has yet to deliver the promised Nassams air defense system to Ukraine, reports report.RBCUraine“. The reason is the lack of funding from the United States, which is bringing business to a standstill,” reports “RBC Ukraine” citing the “Edmonton Journal”.

US funding constraints delay NASAMS delivery

During his visit to Edmonton this week, Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair said the issue of NASAMS for Ukraine is at the state level.

“We tried to speed up the process. “Unfortunately, the Americans are facing some challenges in their own financing area,” said Blair, RBC Ukraine. Everyone involved understands the importance of the project and feels a strong sense of urgency.

Air defense missile system from Norway

NASAMS is a mobile Norwegian air defense missile system capable of firing 72 missiles in 12 seconds and shooting down aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles at a radius of 40 kilometers.

The system was developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg and the American company Raytheon.


Despite the Canadian charge, the US is still holding back NASAMS

Canada agreed to buy the system last year as part of a deal with the United States. But joint procurement is still on hold.

In January 2023, the Canadian Department of Defense transferred $406 million to the US government for the system.

However, it was revealed earlier this year that the US has yet to transfer this system to Canada. So it is unclear when Ukraine will receive the system.

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