May 21, 2024

Nintendo also now fixes Joy-Con controllers with drifting issues for free in the EU outside the warranty period – Ntower

The Nintendo Switch is a huge success for the Kyoto-based video game company, but looking back, there will always be a certain hardware issue in focus. the “Joy Con DriftIt was discovered relatively early. The joysticks on newer consoles start to malfunction over time. This is shown, among other things, by unexpected character movements, as the console transmits incorrect input values ​​to the console. In most cases, the only solution is to replace the broken hardware. In North America, Nintendo has been able to do this for free for quite some time, even outside of the warranty period. Now Nintendo of Europe is following suit, as fellow Nintendo Live now finds out. On the official support page, the company confirms that from now on, consoles purchased within the European Economic Area (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Switzerland, or the United Kingdom that have “response syndrome” will be repaired for free always even after 24 hours. One month manufacturer’s warranty expired. You can find more details on this here.

Have you tried Joy-Con Drift yet?

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