April 13, 2024

New Features Announced for Older FritzBoxes 6590 and 6490 Cable

New Features Announced for Older FritzBoxes 6590 and 6490 Cable

There is another beta update for the preview version of the new FritzOS 7.50. New beta lab update now also starts on two older cable routers fritzbox 6590 cable and 6490 cable.

AVM Internet Specialist is still working at full speed on the upcoming FritzOS 7.50 feature update. A new lab version of the older FritzBoxes 6590 cable and 6490 cable has now been published. Anyone who owns one of the boxes and has not received a modified version of it from a provider can now participate in beta testing. Necessary download packages are available at AVM site.

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Users should already be excited, because a number of new functions have been launched for the two devices. This includes network performance optimization, caller announcements regarding FritzFon, WireGuard support, and new smart home actions and scenarios. AVM has more details about the beta tests in the file A private page has been compiled. There you will find important information and tips about installing beta updates.

Innovations for FritzOS 7.39 (lab update)

  • Internet:
    • IP block list for incoming packets
    • Direct connection to MyFritzNet via USP (TR-369) for direct transmission of parameters – initially displaying connection status and connection parameters and performing updates on MyFritzNet
  • Wireless internet service:
    • In network operating mode as a repeater, it is now possible to connect to multiple WLAN bands
  • telephony:
    • Call diverts and call barring can be applied to “not in the phone book” callers (phonebook as whitelist)
  • Application
    • Prioritization of home network devices can be activated in MyFritzApp
  • smart home:
    • Create and activate / deactivate actions (if-then link).
    • Model extension for radiator control units with comfort and low temperature plus anti-frost and boost functions
    • Additional display selection with temperature and humidity log on the FritzDECT 440
    • Create and implement scenarios
    • Natural light sequencing of groups and templates using the FritzDECT 500
    • Complete templates with convenience functions (toggle WiFi access, toggle guest WiFi access, make a phone call, switch answering machine, send push mail, call URL)
    • Support for external window sensors to detect window opening
  • USB:
    • Support for exFAT storage media (not yet 7530)

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