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NDR Big Band: Neumier's "Liliom" at the Hamburg Opera | - Orchestra and Chorus

NDR Big Band: Neumier’s “Liliom” at the Hamburg Opera | – Orchestra and Chorus

Status: 12/13/2021 12:00 PM

The ballet “Lilium” by John Neumeier is scheduled to resume at the Hamburg Opera in February. There are also: NDR Big Band and the Philharmonic State Orchestra as part of the production.

Ballet legend John Newmyer Lilium depicts a tragic love affair with a showman’s environment. The choreographer was inspired by the classic theater of the same name by Ferenc Molnar, which had already inspired the famous musical Carousel.

Sunday, 02/20/2022 | 6 pm
On, 22.02.2022 | 19.30 hours
Thursday, February 24, 2022 | 7.30 pm
Fr., 02.02.2222 | 7.30 pm
Sunday, February 27, 2022 | 4 pm
Hamburg State Opera (Große Theaterstraße 25)

“Layla” – Ballet Legend by John Neumeier In seven pictures and an introduction
Very Natch Ferenc Molnar

Michel Legrand Music
John Neumer choreography
Ferdinand Fagerbauer fashion and light

State Philharmonic Orchestra
NDR Bigband

Note: These concerts are held in accordance with the 2G regulation

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Composition by Michel Legrand

The accompanying ballet was commissioned by film composer Michel Legrand, who weaved classical and jazz into a poetic vocal scene.

As with the world premiere, the outcome will also be interpreted directly by the Philharmonic State Orchestra and NDR Bigband when it resumes in 2022.

Poetic love drama

John Neumer’s choreographic interpretation, which set it on the show scene in the United States in the 1930s, adds a new chapter to the story’s hundred-year history.

“For me, dance has always been an art form that shows the relationships between people, their encounters, their contradictions, and the tensions that arise from them,” says John Neumeier. “Liliom definitely needs a magical level. Ballet as an art form works in very different mediums than drama or music, for example.”

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The tragic story of the fairground hero Lilium, who cannot believe the strength of his feelings, is one of the greatest stories in world literature. Love plays a major role in this, too, for John Neumeier: “Julie knows that one would rather be unhappy with a loved one than be happy without.”

The ballet director created the jolly role of Alina Kojokaru, the internationally sought-after ballerina of the English National Ballet. He created the role of Liliom for the lead soloist of Hamburg BalletCarsten Jung.

NDR Big Band: Neumeier’s “Liliom” at the Hamburg Opera

Neumer’s Lilium will resume at the Hamburg Opera. NDR Bigband is played live.


Hamburg Opera
Gross Theatrestrasse 25
20354 Hamburg

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