April 13, 2024

Nationalities in Canada: Kitchener’s Report

Inaugurated on February 4, 2023 with women’s ball at the Transylvania Club in Kitchener, Ontario. This year’s theme is “Zardash under the stars”. The women’s association had invited the guests and surprised them with good chicken and paprika and pieces of greta carbo.

From the Kossuth Society in Kitchener, the Women’s Association organized a group of women and some young dancers to perform Hungarian folk dances for us. As table music, we were allowed to listen to the accordion melodies of the “Polka Prince” Marco Caschemetti. The dance floor then transitioned to the sounds of the “Seven Castles” band conducted by Ron Schatz.

38 pairs of traditional costumes participated in the traditional dress parade in Kitchener.

Costume Ball and Coronation of the new Miss Transylvania

After a gap of three years, we celebrated our Traditional Costume Ball on March 4th at the Transylvania Club (TCK) in Kitchener. This evening, all the supporting groups presented their talents to the guests. A brass band led by Andrea Emrich, followed by a children’s march and dancers from two children’s dance groups, Rick and Krista Hesch, Heidemarie Hesch and Lorraine and Bob Stass and the Transylvania Choir led by Andrea Emrich.

A children's group from the Transylvania Club in Kitchener...
Children’s group of the Transylvania Club in Kitchener

After the program led by Bob Foster, the official speeches followed. Our club president Reinhard Schmitt welcomed the guests and presented a bouquet of flowers to former Miss Transylvania Brenna Kondosh. After her farewell speech, our President introduced the new Miss Transylvania.

This year Grace Meyer was chosen by the youth group as the new Miss Transylvania. Grace has been a member of the Youth Dance Team for over four years and is currently attending Western University in London, Ontario. Her grandparents are Katherine and John Menis and Katie and Frank Meyer. The Transylvanian tradition continues in his family. Exactly 50 years ago her grandmother, Marlene Meyer, was also Miss Transylvania. In her speech, Grace thanked the people who supported her on this journey: her parents, Shannon and Fred Meyer, members of the youth dance group, Erica Schmidt, president of our cultural committee, and Reinhard Schmidt, club president.

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New Miss Transylvania Grace Meyer with John...
New Miss Transylvania Grace Mayer with John Werner, National President of Transylvanian Saxons in Canada. Photos: Heidi Lovrik

John Werner, Federal President of the Transylvanian Saxons in Canada, presented the prize to Grace and wished her a successful year as the new Miss. He also informed members that this year, as part of the cultural exchange, Canada will welcome a brass band and dance group from Traun, Austria.

After the coronation ceremony and speeches, there was a dress parade, in which 38 couples took part. The highlight of the evening concluded with the Transylvanian song. Then came the social part. Aylmer’s “Saxonia Dancers” and “TCK Jugendtanzgruppe” presented their dances skillfully and received applause from the audience. A successful evening came to an end. We are already looking forward to welcoming our guests from Troon in Kitchener.

Hannalore Mydert, press officer

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