July 17, 2024

Young Thug Andre 3000 – and hip-hop fans are not happy

Young Thug Andre 3000 – and hip-hop fans are not happy

Rapper Young Thug caused music fans to baffle after he made derogatory comments about Outkast star André 3000.

Although Andre has praised Young Thug in the past, the 29-year-old was quick to shake off the star’s influence on hip-hop during an interview on TI’s Expeditiously Podcast.

“I cannot sing two André 3000 songs,” he said, adding, “I never cared about him. Never in my life.”

Young Thug then accused André 3000 of having an inflated ego, highlighting what he believes is the main difference between working with Elton John, with whom he collaborated on “High,”, and working with the Outkast star.

“Elton John loves to kiss ** – Andre is like ** kisses,” said the rapper, stating that John was excited to work with him.

Young Thug suggested that André 3000 would refer him to his secretary if he wished to establish a collaboration.

Soon hip-hop enthusiasts shared support for André 3000 and his influence on music.

One person wrote: “Hip-hop scholars will remember 3k as one of the greatest presenters to have done this,” adding, “Young Thug will be remembered as a wishful future.”

Another added, “In 10 years, people will still know who Andre 3K is – Thug won’t be so lucky.”

Another fan, baffled by the comments, wrote, “This is weird beef.”

Young Thug released his debut studio album in 2019.