June 23, 2024

More than 13 million Britons have been vaccinated

More than 43,000 Britons want to take in Ukrainian refugees

Households receive an expense allowance of £350 for this purpose Households receive an expense allowance of 350 pounds (about 415 euros) per month. Interested parties must provide a room without rent for at least six months and conduct checks in advance. They should also be able to name the refugees they want to take in. Minister Michael Gove said the program will initially start with Ukrainians who already have ties to the UK but will be open to others as it progresses.

The British government has come under great pressure with its restrictive and selective admission of refugees. About 4,000 visas have been issued so far through another program that allows Ukrainian family members to be brought to Great Britain. This is a small fraction compared to the European Union. The main promise of Brexit was to regain control of the UK’s borders. As a result, London continues to refuse to allow those seeking protection to enter the country without appropriate visa controls and controls.

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