June 21, 2024

Quelle: Drees & Sommer SE / Urheber: www.thisisdecoy.co.uk / Bildunterschrift: L-R: Sascha Hempel, Partner, Drees & Sommer, Kenneth Wood, Managing Director, AA Projects, Michel De Haan, Partner, Drees & Sommer

Drees & Sommer acquires stake in UK company AA Projects in preparation for merger – Drees & Sommer SE | News

From March 2022, AA Projects and Drees & Sommer will join forces under the new name “AA Projects – Delivering Excellence with Drees & Sommer”. As part of this agreement, Drees & Sommer intends to acquire all of the capital of AA Projects by the end of 2023. The phased approach gives both companies the opportunity to expand their business relationship and ultimately to a successful and smooth transition to merger with Drees & Sommer’s underwriting.

AA Projects is a well-known British real estate and construction consultancy with six offices in the UK and 200 employees. The investment in AA projects provides various opportunities for Drees & Sommer to better access the UK and Ireland markets, thus complementing the existing business plan for AA projects.

In addition, Drees & Sommer will benefit from the excellent reputation of AA projects and a strong client base in the UK, in both the private and public sectors, including the education, housing and healthcare sectors. Past and current clients include DHL, Starwood Capital Group, UK Parliament, University of Manchester, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Drees & Sommer is one of the leading European companies in the fields of digitization and sustainability. Through the partnership, both companies can combine not only their scope of services and specialized expertise through synergies, but also their efforts regarding sustainable building, energy efficiency, CO2 neutrality, modular and smart buildings.

Steffen Szeidl, CEO of Drees & Sommer, said: “We already have two locations in the UK but the investment in AA Projects will provide us with significant opportunities to expand our business in the UK. This merger allows us to offer only the best to our clients: German sense of quality, precision and engineering hand in hand. With a UK reputation for flair and innovation, in a respectful and regulated environment. This will cement our position as a leader in sustainability and digitalisation, and provide new opportunities for clients on both sides of the English Channel and beyond.”

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Kenneth Wood, Managing Director of AA Projects said: “This partnership is a springboard for us to expand into existing sectors and markets in the UK where we already have an excellent reputation. It also gives us the opportunity to combine our experience in the public sector with Drees & Sommer’s great reputation in the private sector. Not only on the European mainland, but across the world. We share the same values ​​and vision as Drees & Sommer. In addition, we can also create long-term stability and growth opportunities for our company and career opportunities for our employees. We look forward to the opportunities that will come our way.”

Michel de Haan, Partner at Drees & Sommer said: “Across Europe, we have successfully completed several projects for energy-efficient and CO2-proof buildings, and our Smart PlusEnergy headquarters in Stuttgart is a leader in leading-edge technologies and environmental solutions. We look forward to bringing our knowledge of ESG( ESG) to the English-speaking markets and finding new partners we can use our expertise to help design prefab buildings for our rapidly evolving built environment.”