June 21, 2024

Moonstone complements ISTA – “a bridge between science and society”

Member of Parliament of Lower Austria and City Council of Klosterneuburg Christoph Kaufmann, General Manager Georg Schneider, Governor of Lower Austria Johanna Mikl-Leitner and President Martin Hetzer cut the opening ribbon.

ISTA, Anna Stoicher

DrThe new ISTA lab building on Maria Gugging’s campus has been officially opened.

The newly opened laboratory building on the ISTA campus marks an important milestone. As the sixth building on the growing campus, the new Moonstone Building houses not only state-of-the-art laboratories for cutting-edge research, but also the VISTA Science Experience Lab for science communication and a Seminar Center for science conferences. This expansion completes the second of three expansion phases that aim to double the size of the institute by 2036.

The Moonstone Building opened last Sunday. ISTA President Martin Hetzer welcomed the guests and emphasized the importance of the new building: “For me as a scientist, the Moon is a silent reminder that we humans are advancing science and technology to make the seemingly impossible possible – for example to the Moon and back. In addition to laboratory and office spaces for future research groups, it houses Also the VISTA science education program, which enables workshops for schoolchildren and further training for teachers.In addition, the building has a state-of-the-art seminar center that provides space for scientific conferences.ISTA professor Gaia Noverino explains that they not only want to create bridges between scientists, but also Between science and society Provincial Governor Joanna Mikkel-Leitner attended the opening and was excited.

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