Molecular biologist Steve Pascolo talks about the potential of mRNA vaccines

Already in the bodies of many Swiss there is an mRNA vaccine from Biontech or Moderna. But many people are still skeptical about the new technology. “This technology is a medical revolution,” says mRNA vaccine pioneer Steve Pascolo with conviction. In an interview with Al-Ittihad newspaper Mister mRNA “work” attempts to eliminate fears and doubts about vaccination with the new technology.

“There is no more chemistry in a new mRNA vaccine than a sweet drink, and many people drink this without hesitation,” Pascolo asserts. He noted that old vaccines also contain chemicals, such as preservatives. “For the flu vaccine, you also need chicken eggs from millions of chickens,” Pascolo says. “It is different with the mRNA Covid vaccine, it does not consume eggs. It is vegetarian, so to speak.”

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