June 21, 2024

Microsoft sells parts for Surface devices to repair themselves

Microsoft has started selling parts for its Surface products. This means that devices such as laptops and tablets can be repaired by the user themselves, which is especially useful after the warranty period has expired. Replacement parts vary by product, but mostly include the kickstand, screen, SSD, and battery. Self-healing keyboards, USB and audio connections are also available for some devices.

The list of Surface models for which parts are available in the Microsoft Store includes Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro 9, Surface Pro 9 5G, as well as Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Laptop Go 2, and Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Studio 2 Plus. In addition to spare parts, Microsoft promises to provide the necessary components such as screws. However, tools are not included. This can be ordered from iFixit, with which Microsoft has been collaborating since late 2021.

Just two years ago, the head of iFixit criticized Apple, Samsung and Microsoft because large manufacturers often unnecessarily complicate repairs, for example through contracts with suppliers. Microsoft seemed to take this very seriously, because the following year Microsoft made the entry-level Surface Laptop Go 2 up for repair. The kit takes the next step with its own self-repair parts.

Surface replacement parts According to Microsoft Initially available only in the United States, Canada and France. However, Surface merchants in other countries can also access it through existing channels, so individual components can also be sourced through it. When Microsoft offers parts through its online store in other countries, it is still open and will be announced later.

the in the French Microsoft Store However, the listed surface components cannot be called cheap. A Surface Studio 2 Plus replacement screen costs €2,159 and a Surface Laptop 4 replacement keyboard costs €130. However, this is still much cheaper than the new device. The Surface Pro 9’s 512GB SSD is much more expensive at €155 than M.2 2230 SSDs of this capacity at retail. You can get it for less than 100 euros.

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In exchange, the user who wishes to exchange gets a working component of the Surface device. On the other hand, with components from other manufacturers, compatibility problems cannot be ruled out. It’s unfortunate, however, that no SSDs larger than 512GB are available as spare parts, although 1 or 2TB M. 2 2230 SSDs are readily available from third-party manufacturers. More storage capacity can only be achieved by using Microsoft components over external hard drives.


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