March 3, 2024

Mick Schumacher believes the first point: Silverstone may be Haas!

Mick Schumacher believes the first point: Silverstone may be Haas!

( – Mick Schumacher has been heavily criticized in recent weeks. Canadian Grand Prix First Release: Something Behind the Scenes Turns Silent Haas finished sixth in the Driving Qualifying Championships. His Ferrari power unit broke down when he was seventh in the race and the dream of first championship points was shattered.

Mick Schumacher hopes to make it into the top 10 in Silverstone

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Many experts find the signal upwards. Gunder Steiner was also “inspired by his acting”. At the same time, the Haas team boss says: “I do not know if he scratched the curve. I always say: summer does not come with one swallow.”

Schumacher recently took a “good step” and says “he can continue like this here” ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone (training from 2pm on Friday in Formula 1 live ticker).

“I think qualifying gave him hope. And there’s a lot in the car. Canada is not an easy route. He has never been there before, but he did it better. I hope the next phase will be successful here. We’ll see a trend from that. He wants it, he We want to be the best. “

Why Silverstone might be an opportunity

Schumacher has now come to terms with Canada, but acknowledged: “Sunday seemed to be our day. We have dealt with most of our opponents and have been good at speed. We hope we are. We can get our first point if we do not have problems.”

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The 23-year-old knows Silverstone well from the junior formulas. In 2018 he won Formula 3 and in 2020 he finished second in Formula 2. “I think things should be going better,” Schumacher said. “We should be fine with the medium-downforce set-up. I think it suits us.”

The main thing is that the technology is durable. The demon-possessed MGU-K in Canada is in a state of disrepair. “We don’t have a lot more,” Steiner fears for a penalty as the season progresses. When it comes to turbo, battery and control electronics, Schumacher has already exhausted his pool. The next engine failure means phase penalty.