May 24, 2024

Media-shy former first lady: Melania Trump appears again — and offers hints

Melania Trump is on her way to cast her vote in Palm Beach, Florida.


The former First Lady of the United States of America, Melania Trump, appeared in public again after a long absence. She hinted that she would soon play a greater role in her husband's election campaign again.

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  • Until now, his wife Melania's absence from Donald Trump's US presidential election campaign has been conspicuous.
  • The former First Lady's statements now indicate that she will support her husband more clearly again in the future.
  • The corresponding statement was made when voting in Florida.

“Stay tuned,” Melania Trump said when a reporter asked her if she would return to the campaign trail. The former First Lady of the United States made one of her rare public appearances while voting in the Florida primary. As reported by CNN television.

Melania Trump has not been involved in her husband's political work since the start of her husband's re-election campaign in November 2022. She even stayed away from the campaign party that her husband held at the Mar-a-Lago resort after his victory on Super Tuesday.

She also avoided attending one of her husband's many court appearances.

She will be back very soon

Of course, Melania Trump's absence did not go unnoticed. When Donald Trump was asked last year if his wife would join him on the campaign trail again soon, he said she would very soon.

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“She's a regular person, a great person, a very confident person, who loves our country very much,” Trump said on NBC's “Meet the Press” in September. “And honestly, I want to keep her out of it. It's so evil and so mean.”

Sources close to the family said that Melania's main focus at the moment is son Barron. He will graduate from high school in Florida in the spring.

Since the Trump family left Washington in January 2021, the former first lady has avoided the public eye. She made one of her few appearances last December at a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives in Washington. In this speech, Melania Trump spoke in uncharacteristically personal terms about her difficult experience becoming an American citizen. The former model was born in Slovenia.

“First ladies stood for many things, except Melania.”

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