September 29, 2023

Me Group expands in Carinthia with self-service laundry stations

Headquartered in Epsom, UK, the Me Group has been expanding since the 1960s and now has subsidiaries in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Germany, France and Austria. It all started with photo booths at train stations. The Me Group has now diversified with a range of devices for immediate service, including the well-known children’s mini rides: a quick ‘ride in the car’ in front of shops for a euro. The company’s shares have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1962. According to its own information, it currently operates 43,900 unattended ATMs worldwide.

In other countries, Me Group has recently done well with outdoor washing machines. It has already been set up 7,500 times outdoors across Europe. Now the group, which has its headquarters in Austria in Korneauborg, brings the product and its services to Carinthia. This week, self-service washing machines, operating under the name “Revolution Laundrys”, were installed in Klagenfurt (Lagerhaus gas station, Rudolfsbahn belt), Eberndorf (Lagerhaus gas station), Vornitz (Käger Ionity Leidpark) and Villach (Lagerhaus gas station). ). They are already “on duty”.

My group’s photo booth. “A new niche has been found”Ebernn
© ME Group

You pay – about eight euros – in cash or credit card, and put the laundry – up to 20 kilograms – into the washing machine. When you’re done, you send her a text.

According to Jasmine Leitner from Me Group Austria, the business idea has the advantage of being able to wash relatively large pieces of laundry. Rugs, curtains, horse blankets or garden furniture cushions. This is around the clock. “It’s a new niche.” You don’t see yourself in competition with laundromats. The washing station is constantly maintained and uses eco-friendly and hypoallergenic detergents.

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