April 21, 2024

Marco Odermatt wins the Aspen-Giant and the Little Crystal Ball

Loïc Meillard already has a great starting position with a clean and scintillating first round. In the third period, he entered the second round very strongly, running at full speed. With his distinguished career, he clearly took the lead from Atlee-Lee McGrath, who had been at the forefront until then.

Alexander Steen Olsen starts in the second half, but remains cautious. After a less attractive journey, it was moved back to seventh place.

Then comes Marco Odermatt, who has dominated the season. The 26-year-old is only 19 hundredths ahead of Millard and therefore bears full risk. He temporarily trailed his teammates, but with a dramatic final spurt, he lost 14-hundredths of a second to Millard.

After finishing fourth in the last race, Thomas Tummler goes into the races with great confidence in himself. Given the high stakes, he made minor errors in both rounds, but the veteran remained quick again. He ended up in fourth place again, which was a great performance.

Vadri Janutin performed well in both rounds. This makes the Graubünden man his best new career result. This puts him even ahead of Filip Zubcic, who was Marko Odermatt's top chaser in the discipline rankings.

Gino Caviezel also ranks second behind Janutin. After finishing fifth in the Giants Championship last week, he did not live up to expectations this time around. Despite his poor performance, he still has enough to achieve a top 20 result.

Luca Erni scores points in the giant slalom for the first time in six years. He just made it to the second round with a 62. This time, he runs another good round, in which he gained some places.

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Justin Morisier is not up to speed by his standards. He ends up directly in front of Luca Erni in the final standings, but this result is somewhat disappointing for the ambitious Romand.

1. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 2:07.87
2. Loic Millard (Switzerland) +0.14
3. Atlee Lee McGrath (NOR) +0.81
4. Thomas Tummler (Swiss) +0.97
5. Luca De Alibrandini (Italy) +1.03