April 23, 2024

Qualification in Bahrain is live now!

4:45 pm

Who can be tight?

In FT3, Williams, Sauber and Alpine were at the back of the field. So these three teams are the “favorites” when it comes to getting out of the first quarter.

Before that, there was an incredibly narrow range, with only 0.847 seconds separating P1 and P14. Let's see if it's too tight.

Starting in 15 minutes!

4:38 pm

Technology pictures

Please use the minutes before qualifying to quickly click through our technology gallery again. Our on-site photographers have really upped their game!

Photos: Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix (Sacher) 2024, technology

4:26 pm


Incidentally, Hamilton set the fastest qualifying lap ever in the current standings in Bahrain. The record champion drove a distance of 1:27.264 in 2020. This time is unlikely to be broken in 2024.

But: last year's pole time must be beaten. Verstappen led 1:29.708. And since we saw a 1:30.824 in FT3 previously, we should definitely be faster there.

Because last year's pole time was 2.6 seconds less than the best time in FT3.

4:11 pm

Lots of variety on the pole

The first qualifiers of the year begin in less than an hour and we'll take a quick look at the history books. In recent years there has been a great deal of diversity on the pole in Bahrain!

In the last four years we have had three different drivers: Lewis Hamilton (2020), Max Verstappen (2021 and 2023) and Charles Leclerc (2022).

If you add the second Bahrain race in 2020 at the Oval, where Valtteri Bottas was first, there will be four different riders in the last five races.

By the way, Fernando Alonso was also on pole here in 2005. This would also be a crazy story if he did it again after 19(!) years…

3:34 pm

Günter Steiner: “I'm friends with Ralph again”

A short story away from sporting events: Guenther Steiner and Ralf Schumacher spoke in Bahrain on Thursday and buried the hatchet!

They met for a “brief conversation,” Schumacher reveals in an interview with skycamera, and the “different opinions” were “discussed” very quickly because: “It wasn't that bad.”

Steiner, who is in Bahrain as a television expert for RTL, considers the conflict to be over. “I'm friends with Ralph again. The world is right again,” laughs the former Haas team boss.

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You can find the full story of the Great Reconciliation here!

3:26 pm

Announcement: Experience classic Formula 1 cars at Hockenheim!

Will there be no Formula 1 in Germany in 2024? indeed! At ADAC Hockenheim Historic, you can experience some great cars from the past first hand and up close.

From 3 to 5 May 2024, the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg will once again be the venue for one of the most important classic events in the world!

In “Jim Clark Revival” you will see nine different racing series with historical racing cars from categories such as Formula 1, DTM or Group C.

Traditionally, the spring event always attracts around 500 newbies and over 30,000 fans – and you can be there too!

Day tickets with free choice of seating and access to the paddock are available from just €15, and children under 14 enjoy free entry.

If you like something a little more exclusive, the VIP package gets you a reserved seat on the “Race Salon Terrace,” great catering, VIP support, pit walks, and much more.

Tickets and all additional information can be found here!

3:04 pm

Red Bull tests a drone at Formula 1 speed

Why have drones so far played almost no role in broadcasting Formula 1 races? Because they are simply too slow. But this is exactly what Red Bull wants to change: with a self-developed drone that can reach speeds of more than 350 km/h and can thus stay close to the race cars even in high-speed sections.

Red Bull has already held a preliminary demonstration: during the disassembly of the new Red Bull RB20, the drone called RBD1 (standing for “Red Bull Drone 1”) flew very close in a loop around Silverstone and provided impressive images of the moving action. car.

You can read all the essential information here!

2:53 pm

New engine parts

Lando Norris received a new energy storage unit and new control electronics for the day. To clarify: Only two of the two parts may be used throughout the season without penalty.

Of course it's not ideal if you have to change on the first weekend of the year…

2:44 pm

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A meeting between Horner and the President of the International Automobile Federation

During FT3 there was a meeting between Christian Horner and FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem. We would of course like to know what was said there, but unfortunately we do not have any information about it at the moment.

The truth is that Horner is being followed every step of the way in the ring today. The team leader sticks to his line with journalists on site: he cannot or does not want to comment further on the situation.

2:37 pm

FT3 Overview

a report

a result

Photos: Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix (Sacher) 2024

1:20 pm

Open the session bar now!

The third and final training session in Bahrain begins in ten minutes and we will move the event back to the session tape. Here at this point things continue as usual after the end of FT3.

And if you want to know how you can watch Formula 1 in Bahrain live, you can find out here!

1:16 pm

Rotation in the calendar from 2026?

We've just talked briefly about the Formula 1 calendar. It's becoming increasingly full, which is why Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali has now indicated that some European races could alternate from 2026 so as not to bloat the calendar further.

The background is that some contracts will expire in 2025. The rotation in new contracts can then be determined. “I think you will see something interesting in 2026,” Domenicali said.

“We are discussing with other promoters in Europe to do something that we will definitely announce as soon as we are ready,” he reveals. Does this mean an alternation of certain genders?

Because Domenicali makes it clear again as well: “I would like to stress that we believe in 24 races [pro Jahr] They are the right number.” Without rotation this probably will not be possible for all parties involved in the future.

1:04 pm

Hamilton talks about the “difficult winter”

Lewis Hamilton said a period of turmoil in December and January led to a “difficult winter” as he reshapes his Formula 1 management team for the 2024 season.

The seven-time world champion has parted ways with his former manager Benny Tho and instead returned to working with his old friend and former racing driver Mark Hynes.

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Hamilton explains that the split from Thow's Copper Company was amicable after he came to the conclusion over the winter “after careful consideration” that he wanted to go his own way.

You can read his full statements here!

12:30 pm

Contract periods for current Formula 1 roads

Did you know that Formula 1 will continue in Bahrain until at least 2036? You can read everything in our photo gallery:

Photo series: Contract terms for current Formula 1 roads

12:21 pm

What can the FIA ​​do?

This of course raises the question: what can the FIA ​​actually do to take action in the Horner case itself? For example, it may be possible to start an investigation on your own.

As a reminder: the previous investigation was merely an internal process at Red Bull, and the FIA ​​and Foam had no influence on it. Horner could already face punishment in the FIA ​​investigation.

For example, in the FIA ​​International Sports Code, Article 12.2.1.f literally states that there is a risk of a penalty if:

“Any words, actions or writings that cause harm or moral loss to the FIA, its bodies, members or executive officers, and in general to the interests of motorsport and the values ​​​​that the FIA ​​stands for.”

Loosely translated, this means that it is forbidden to do anything that harms the reputation of the FIA ​​or motorsport in general. What exactly is meant by this is of course a matter of interpretation.

12:11 pm

The FIA ​​and FOM are planning to hold meetings about Horner

Our colleagues on the site have now learned that FIA President Mohammed Bin Sulayem and Formula 1 President Stefano Domenicali are planning to hold a meeting to discuss the situation surrounding Christian Horner.

Background: Both the FIA ​​and FOM have an interest in not putting the sport in a bad light. Toto Wolff and Zack Brown warned about this in yesterday's press conference.

Meetings between Ben Sulayem and Domenicali are not unusual, but this time the Horner case is also said to be on the agenda. The meeting is scheduled to be held later today.