Many protesters wanted to tie themselves up with the Tottenham goal

After a spectator strapped himself to the goalpost at Goodison Park just a few days ago, several young protesters repeated the procedure at a duel in the City of London.

Unruly scenes in the English Premier League match between Tottenham and West Ham. Several spectators stormed the field and tried to tie themselves to the goal with cable ties. With this action, the young activists of the “Just Stop Oil” group wanted to work to stop the exploration of fossil fuels in Great Britain.

A protester is intercepted by a security guard before he can attach himself to the goal net. (Source: Shutterstock / imago images)

A similar scene occurred in Everton’s match against Newcastle on Friday. However, the demonstrators were able to secure themselves to the goal post with a special strap. As a result, there was a 10-minute break in the match. Only the bolt cutters that were brought in finished the work.

It was different at Tottenham’s north London stadium: the swift intervention of security forces prevented the linkage at the post and net, and the activists were soon driven off the field.

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