December 10, 2023

LSD für Forschung und Wissenschaft

LSD for Research and Science

LSDs are characterized by an intensely positive spectrum of effects. Through a mind-altering experience, which lasts even for several hours, experiences outside of normal cognition can be formed. After this experience, it is not uncommon for life as a whole to be viewed and evaluated differently. It is not uncommon for this country to be described as liberal or peaceful.

work spectrum

the effect on serotonin Our body’s receptors cause a powerful change in consciousness. The perception of different sensory impressions changes in an unusual way. Certain aspects of things can be perceived more strongly or hallucinations occur, for example, which can affect all of the primary sensory organs. Often ideas start in a race so that many different ideas and solutions to problems can be developed, where the general state of wakefulness is not affected. By comparison, this is not the case with alcohol. Here the interest and ability to think decline, so that one’s functions are severely restricted. The mood described in intoxication is often very calm and directed by positive emotions. A sense of connectedness and well-being arises related to the environment, but also to oneself. Moreover, self-awareness increases so that it becomes possible to better realize who you are yourself. Internal conflicts can be analyzed and dealt with impartially and without judgment.

In case of intoxication, there is an intense perception of the environment and the inner life of the individual. It is not uncommon for people to gain a better understanding of the world and themselves, and the journey lasts for several hours and thus can have a positive impact on life in the long run, as a life-changing experience has been made.

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chemical group Offer, for example, preparations for research purposes. who – which buy LSD It is considered legal for this substance, as it is a slightly modified form of LSD, which, however, has the same range of effects.

Important instructions

Not everyone is fit to consume LSD, otherwise mental disorders may arise. Above all, this includes psychotic patients who already experience psychotic symptoms without taking a mind-altering substance. As a result, psychotic symptoms will get worse.

However, for mentally stable people, consumption is relatively harmless and carries only a few (psychological) risks. In order for the trip to be particularly successful and, if possible, not to deteriorate into a horror trip, some preparatory measures must be taken in advance.

LSD should only be used when the current general mental state is stable and the user is not afraid of the upcoming experience. If not, the anxiety may worsen and may even lead to a panic attack. These aspects are summarized under the term ‘group’.

The setting, i.e. the environment in which you find yourself during the trip, is at least as important. For this purpose, secluded and quiet places in nature are especially suitable, where a great bond is often felt towards them. Large crowds and noisy and turbulent environments should be avoided as they are often perceived as uncomfortable and possibly intimidating.


If all the basic framework conditions are observed, the consumption of substances such as LSD can be considered a mind-altering experience that positively alters the whole worldview and self. This unique experience can satisfy a researcher’s thirst for research. People who have already had this experience often describe that a lot has changed in a positive way after this experience. Many scientists are now working on treatment methods for various mental illnesses that incorporate substances such as LSD to reduce symptoms. Society is already changing, so there is hope that the potential of LSD can be better harnessed in the future.

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