Lost iPhone comes out of the river after months

The iPhone appears to be more water-resistant than Apple itself thinks. Source: Pixabay

In the UK, a man lost his iPhone in a river and put it back in work about ten months later, like them BBC reports. The smartphone was actually lying in the river almost the entire time before it was found and dried.

Owen Davis was at a stag party as the group went kayaking down the River Wye in Sunderfort, Gloucestershire. On this trip, he fell into the water when his passenger got into the boat and accidentally flipped it. His iPhone fell into the river, which is where it’s supposed to be for the next 10 months. It happened in August 2021.

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iPhone has been recovered

Earlier this month, Miguel Pacheco found the iPhone while taking his family on a boat trip on the River Wye. According to him, he saw something blue in the river and took this thing with him. After finding out it was an iPhone, he took it home to dry.

He did this because people often keep a lot of family and children’s photos on their smartphones. He thought he could at least save the data store if he dried it up. So he did it with an air compressor and left it on the shelf overnight.

The next morning he then plugged it into the charger and was surprised he actually charged the iPhone from the river and something displayed on the screen. There was a photo of the couple, and on August 13, the day the smartphone fell into the water. It looked like this:

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This is what the home screen looked like after reactivating the iPhone.  Source: BBC Owen Davies, Miguel Pachaco

This is what the home screen looked like after reactivating the iPhone. Source: BBC / Owen Davies / Miguel Pachaco

Search begins

Now that he had proof of who owned the iPhone, he wanted to track down that person. For this, he posted the photo of the two in a local Facebook group, where it was shared more than 4,000 times. A friend of the couple recognized them and reported them, after which Owen Davis put his iPhone back in work again about ten months later.

How can the iPhone survive in the water for so long?

Unfortunately, the story does not reveal which iPhone model it is, but recent models of the iPhone 11 are IP68 certified. In terms of water resistance, this only means that the iPhones are protected against fresh water at a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Moreover Apple itself It says that you do not intentionally immerse the iPhone in water And you should not go swimming or showering. Therefore, the device is not protected against permanent immersion. On the other hand, this does not mean that the modern iPhone cannot withstand longer dives.

However, you should not rely on this, because Apple does not give you any guarantees. In this particular case, perhaps the reason was that the river was not particularly deep, which means that there was little pressure on the iPhone and the water did not enter the sensitive parts.

If you have a working iPhone, we will tell you how you can significantly improve the sound quality using a hidden function.

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Have you ever lost your iPhone or Android phone in water or accidentally submerged it for a long time? What was the result? Please, let us know.

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