February 22, 2024

Live broadcast of Basel’s Premier League match against Lausanne O’Shea

Live tape

Basel were unable to overcome a 1-1 draw at the bottom of the table

FC Basel played their 15th match of the season in the Premier League against last-placed Lausanne-Ouchy. Despite the early lead and the majority in the last quarter of an hour, this was not enough to achieve victory.

It only takes a minute for Bayern to celebrate in Lausanne-Ouchy. Anton Kade gives Basel the lead in the 15th match of the Premier League season.

Laurent Gilliron/Keystone

the game

A minute later, Fabian Fry played a long ball towards Anton Kade, who received the ball well with his chest and shot a direct shot. The perfect start from the point of view of the people of Basel. Against a frighteningly innocuous and even frighteningly poorly defended opponent, Bayern had the chance to go one better. However, he could only use this from offside positions and so the lead remained narrow at the break.

In the second half, Bayern fell into a state of negativity that is difficult to explain. Having no further chances, he left the ball to the home team and let them have their way, leading to the equalizer for Qary in the 71st minute. After receiving a yellow-red card against Lausanne-Ouchy striker Danhou, Bayern pushed for the winning goal again in the final stage. , but he did not want to fall to low-level competitors.

The best

Anton Kade scored the early lead, giving Bayern safety. As a result, he remained visible in Basel’s strongest moments, but disappeared with his teammates in the second half.

This was something to talk about

The stark drop in Bayern’s performance in the second half should be urgently discussed in the debrief. The fact that Basel’s exit from the match was imposed on a team at the bottom of the table cannot be explained away. Fabio Celestini, who always demands power, would not have liked that.

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