June 23, 2024

Liam Miller is especially looking forward to the trip to Canada

Liam Miller is especially looking forward to the trip to Canada

FC Basel

Liam Miller talks about a possible Canada plot: “It could be a big deal”

FCB winger Liam Miller talks about his scoring skills and upcoming exploits in his home country of Canada after the 4-2 win over GC.

Liam Miller is now FC Basel’s top scorer with six league goals, two conference league goals and one trophy goal.

Claudio Thomas

Do you know who is currently scoring the most FCB goals?

Liam Miller: Yes, I know that. Before the game, Valentine Stalker and I were equal, and now I am. (Laughs)

Why are things so exciting again today after the opening goal?

We took our feet slightly off the gas pedal. But we showed resilience and got the important balance before the break. Overall, it was good.

But not impressive against Marseille.

No. But it does not matter how we win in the end. It is very important that we succeed and this time we are on the right track. We have not had three wins in a row in a long time.

Special days are waiting for you. You can qualify for the World Cup with the national team of Canada. What happens if it succeeds?

It’s great that Canada has not come to the World Cup since 1986. That would be a big deal for the whole country. We are currently in first place unbeaten, but there are still three games left, after which we must be at least third. But of course we want to not fail. Then we go to Qatar!

What happens if you do that?

The whole country will be in ecstasy. You can really see how football has changed in Canada. When I started playing for the national team, we played in front of 10,000 fans. The games are already sold out in advance. It shows the excitement we created. I am so proud to be a part of this team.

How do you personally board a plane today at this starting point?

Very special feeling. I am always happy to be back in Canada for international matches. But this time the expectation is still high.

Tired of flying for hours and not tired?

Of course, traveling a lot is not easy. It is still five hours from Toronto to Costa Rica and back to Panama. But I got used to it. That too is a part of football.

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