February 25, 2024

Left faction. In the Berlin House of Representatives

A few minutes ago, there was a significant budget cut in the Science Committee of the House of Representatives in Berlin. Upon a question from the Left Party, Senator Dr. It is clear to Cibora that if the fixed 5.9% reduction in spending is cancelled, there is a risk of cuts of around €200 million per year for the 09 Individual Plan for Science and Health. About 170 million of them will have to be cut in science alone. The cuts are necessary due to the unfunded double budget, which was only approved in December 2023. For comparison: the savings targets for science in Berlin in the crisis year 2003 amounted to only about 70 million euros. But its effects are still felt today. At the committee meeting, the Science Senator left open where money should be made available in the science budget.

He explained about this Tobias SchulzSpokesman for scientific policy for the left-wing faction in the House of Representatives in Berlin:

“170 million must be saved from the science budget. This is far beyond our worst expectations. If this amount exists, it means nothing less than a complete clarification of the science scene in Berlin, which cannot leave teacher training and university contracts unscathed. It may be Disaster! The Senate must ensure that no cuts are made in education and science. On the contrary: we actually need huge investments in these areas.

It's still not entirely clear where the Senate wants to put the money. The majority of the money is blocked through university contracts, but also through federal and state programs. That means federal funds may have to be returned because the state can't cover its share of the funding. I expect a quick clarification here and will submit a written request. We'll stay on topic!”

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