July 15, 2024

Labor Day demonstrations – riots in Berlin, arrests in Paris – news

Labor Day demonstrations – riots in Berlin, arrests in Paris – news

  • The situation in Berlin escalated on Saturday evening after thousands of largely peaceful May Day demonstrations.
  • Violent clashes erupted between the police and the demonstrators.
  • There were also riots in France and more than 100 people were arrested in Turkey.

May Day parades were mostly peaceful in major European cities, but not always and not everywhere. Thousands of people gathered in Berlin. According to the police, sporadic firecrackers were thrown at the security forces in the afternoon. About 2,000 people from other federal states were also deployed to support the Berlin police.

240 arrests in Berlin

Later in the evening the situation escalated dramatically. According to the police, there were numerous attacks with bottles and other items against the officers. Berlin police said that the leader of the meeting himself declared in the evening the end of the demonstration after being attacked by rioters.

It is estimated that around 30,000 people attended various meetings. Police Chief Barbara Selwick said 240 people had been arrested. According to a preliminary estimate, 20 emergency services were injured in an evening demonstration in which 8,000 to 10,000 protesters participated. Still the number could increase. According to the German news agency (DPA), the situation calmed down only around midnight. How many reports have been written about administrative violations has yet to be determined. A police balance is expected on Sunday.


In Berlin, protests continued into the evening. There were sometimes violent clashes with the police.


Tear gas and street fights in France

France witnessed numerous arrests and minor battles in the streets between security forces and supporters of the extreme leftist “black bloc” in Paris and Lyon. Tear gas was also used.

According to Agence France-Presse, referring to the Ministry of the Interior, more than 50 people have been detained by the police.

A demonstration in Paris


Skirmishes and property damage occurred in Paris. Thousands of police officers were on duty.


Rubbish bins were set on fire in the French capital, and window panes were thrown in a bank. Police were deployed with 5,000 soldiers.

Many arrests in Istanbul

According to media reports, on May 1, dozens of protesters were arrested by Turkish authorities. They have taken to the streets despite the nationwide lockdown.

As reported by Cumhuriyet and other newspapers, the police in Istanbul closed the streets leading to the central Taksim Square with armored vehicles. When the protesters nevertheless tried to march to the square, clashes occurred with the police. The newspaper reported that about 100 people were arrested. The CHD Bar Association, which criticizes the government, has reported more than 230 arrests in Istanbul.

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