December 4, 2023

LA Series: Sharp/NEC launches new touch screens

Sharp/NEC is expanding its display portfolio with the LA Series: 65-, 75- and 86-inch touch displays. It is now the third display series from Sharp/NEC in the cooperation area. While the LB series was developed for the “Business” class and the LC series for the “Classroom” class, the manufacturer classifies the new LA series as belonging to the “Advanced” class. Displays are intended to be used in industries such as automotive, finance, or government.

Hybrid working with IT security standards

According to Sharp/NEC, LA Series models meet the highest IT security standards. At the same time, it can be integrated into the company’s IT systems using the Intel SDM slot. The manufacturer optionally offers a PC with an SDM-L slot on which various collaboration functions are preinstalled. One of them is Sharp Meeting Launcher, which can be used to launch favorite applications and venture capital platforms. Other features include Flatfrog Board whiteboard software and Airserver for wireless screen sharing. Users can connect their laptops via USB-C.

The touch system is integrated into the glass

According to Sharp/NEC, hardware features include a high maximum brightness value, a high-haze panel, and a glare-reducing glass coating. When it comes to touch technology, the manufacturer uses Flatfrog’s In Glass M5 Premium. This is intended to provide a natural typing experience and interactive functions such as Windows Ink, palm rejection, and pressure sensitivity.

Sensors reduce power consumption

As a power saving measure, Sharp/NEC has installed a motion sensor in the LA models. This turns the displays on or off as people enter or leave the room. The brightness sensor automatically controls the screen brightness depending on the current usage and external brightness. This local dimming is said to reduce backlight power consumption by an average of 25 percent.

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