Knee pain: Prevent pain: These exercises relax the knee joint

Not only do you have a lot of knee problems with cycling and excessive jogging, even with everyday stress, there is often pressure in the joint. You don’t have to go that far.

Many people are familiar with accidental knee pulling or tingling. The joint clinic’s medical director, Peter Baum, explains that the joint is under severe stress in daily life and is usually not trained enough
. So it is no wonder that many people suffer from knee pain. But what can be done to prevent stress pain?

Two exercises for knee pain

Peter Baum recommends going up the stairs whenever possible. So knee pain can be avoided by exercising the joint. The doctor also recommends two simple exercises to prevent knee pain:

1. Lie your back on the floor and extend one leg. Then pull your bent foot toward your body – and extend it again. Repeat twelve times.

2. Sit regularly at a table at work or at home with your legs drooping. This relaxes the knees and benefits the cartilage. Dibba / st

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