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King Charles is at the center of a racism scandal – there is desperation in the palace

According to the Book of Revelation

King Charles is at the center of a racism scandal – there is desperation in the palace

Today 30 November 2023 | 11:19

The publication of the tell-all book “Endgame” has hit the British royal family hard. The Dutch translation of the book mentions the Windsor family who, according to Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, made immoral comments about son Archie (4). Affected: King Charles and Princess Catherine. Suddenly the King of England finds himself in the middle of a racism scandal.

King Charles in the crosshairs – The Palace is “considering all options”

It was journalist Piers Morgan who pronounced the names on his show Piers Morgan – Uncensored. “The royals mentioned in the book are King Charles and Catherine, Princess of Wales,” he explains. However, at the same time, Morgan expressed his opinion that he did not believe any of Omid Scobie’s words. He attacked the author of the revelations, saying: “The book is full of lies.”

The TV presenter goes into great detail about lying, because it affects him personally. In Endgame, Scobie claims to have learned from sources that Piers Morgan has a close friendship with her Queen Camilla (76) He maintains. There is talk of regular phone calls, which Morgan clearly denies. “I’ve never spoken to Camila on the phone once. I wish it were like that. But she doesn’t call,” he says almost sarcastically on the show.

Following the “Endgame” scandal surrounding the Dutch translation of the book, things are said to be heating up at the palace. According to the Mirror, members of the royal family are “considering all options, including legal action.” For the Windsor family, the leak of names is disastrous, especially because King Charles III. And Princess Kate, two names were chosen that represent the future of the crown.

Author Scobie himself says he did not publish the names. It cannot be held responsible for the content of foreign language translations. He knows the names of the officials, but British law prevents the publication of the original copy.


The book has generated a lot of excitement, and will continue to do so

Omid Scobie’s research was described as wrong and incomplete by Piers Morgan, an anti-Sussex man, but the author nonetheless managed to divide the British people with his work within two days. Charles’s sister-in-law Duchess Sophie She is currently visiting Colombia “to support the women, peace and security agenda,” according to the palace.

Controversy over the “Endgame” revelations was sparked by an Instagram post from the royal family. “It doesn’t look good to talk about Afro-Colombians when your first African-American daughter-in-law didn’t accept it and had to leave the UK with the approval of the royal family due to racism,” one follower wrote. . This is hypocrisy.” Take other royal fans Prince Edward (59) The woman in the suspension column in protection. One thing is certain: the book has generated a lot of excitement, and will continue to do so.

King Charles about his condition: “I’m fine… about to”

King Charles was asked about his health condition in Dubai, where he is currently attending an environmental conference. The royal family code includes never explaining oneself and never complaining. However, four (English) words can be extracted from the guardian: “I’m fine… just about.”

In addition to the fact that there are now two named names in the room with the King, Charles and Princess Kate, what is interesting about current events is also the fact that Piers Morgan clearly denies any correspondence with Camilla. Both Prince Harry and Amed Scobie accuse the British royal family of bribery and interference in the work of the British press. This is consistent with the statement of the British “Mirror”, which decided on “the names of both.” [in einem eigenen Bericht, Anm. d. Red.] “It shouldn’t be mentioned.”

The fact that Morgan denies speaking to Camila on the phone doesn’t necessarily mean his statements are true. Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Amed Scobie’s theories cannot be verified beyond a reasonable doubt. The truth is: A lot happens behind the closed palace doors . Some of this has now come to light.

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