Kamala Harris is said to be working to contain immigration on the southern border of the United States

DrUS President Joe Biden puts control of immigration from Central America in the hands of Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden announced at the White House on Wednesday that it must lead diplomatic efforts with countries in the region and find ways to prevent people from making their way to the United States.

In the past few weeks, pressure on the Biden administration has increased with the increase in immigrant numbers on the southern border of the United States. The most pressing issue at the moment is the residency of many unaccompanied minor immigrants.

‘No one is best suited’

“I think I gave you a tough job,” Biden told Harris. However, no one is in a better position to work with Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – on this issue, Biden said, referring to Harris’ experience as a prosecutor in the largest US state, California.

For Harris, the new impeachment is an opportunity to emerge as the vice president in the midst of a heated case. Biden served as Vice President under Barack Obama. Harris said the situation on the southern border was undoubtedly “difficult.” People leave countries for various reasons and it is a matter of addressing the reasons that cause people to leave.

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