March 3, 2024

KamadoSpace: Presents Island XL

KamadoSpace: Presents Island XL

Barbecue island manufacturer KamadoSpace is increasingly focusing on expanding during the cooking boom times due to the lockdown.


A cooking booth attributed to the coronavirus has prompted KamadoSpace, a manufacturer of outdoor kitchen systems, to expand its product range. The company’s first, Infinite Island is a compact cooking island designed specifically to work with all popular Kamado grill brands. First designed to meet specific customer demands, Infinite Island is now available in 14 countries and is in particularly high demand in Great Britain and the USA.

XL Island, the company’s new product, can be used with any of the largest and heaviest kamado grills, such as: B. Joe’s, Big Green Egg XL, Monolith LeChef or Primo X-Large Charcoal. These grills are especially popular among true barbecue enthusiasts, whose preparation includes equipment such as a grill skewer, pizza oven attachment, assorted graters, extenders, grill grates, skewers and pizza stones.

“Even the smallest outdoor area has become an integral part of our daily life at home. Now that people have withdrawn into backyards, they are now demanding a high level of comfort, aesthetics and functionality that is in no way inferior to that of a living area,” says Mindogas Voldemaras, co-founder and CEO of the Lithuanian company kamadoSpace. “We are convinced that the balcony should remain an important part of your comfort zone.”

Voldemaras, who founded the company with Vitalijus iiškinas and Gediminas Balodas, previously owned a metalworking company specializing in cabinet making when the Covid pandemic broke out in March 2020. When work stopped, a customer gave the trio a new business idea. “A guy who turned out to be a true barbecue lover called us. He sent us a very detailed draft and asked us to implement it. We did, and we thought that if he needed one, there would be plenty of others like him.” , especially considering the fact that people have been spending a lot of time at home over the past year.” The ability to carry the entire grill weight of 220 kg and provide storage space for up to 340 liters, thanks to its flat-ready packaging, can easily be placed on one pallet. .Each 250kg unit can be easily assembled in 3 hours and sent anywhere in the world.Made of hot-dip galvanized steel components and high-pressure laminate fronts, XL Island has 3,110 110-liter drawers for tools and accessories plus a sturdy 179-capacity charcoal drawer liters, both with hidden and fully extendable operating systems.

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KamadoSpace is also about to introduce its own cabinet model, which is aimed at users who want to store bulky appliances such as a vacuum cleaner for ash, bulky fire pots or pots. (Kamado Space)