March 2, 2024

Mercy? No hope! News 'Britain mocks Germany over chaos in EU budget policies'

Mercy? No hope! News ‘Britain mocks Germany over chaos in EU budget policies’

According to a new analysis by German newspaper DPA, Germany paid $16.4 billion in Brussels as of last year. This compares with the £8 billion paid by France and the £5.3 billion paid by Italy. Poland is said to be the largest net recipient of more than 0.5-10.5 billion euros from the EU budget, while Hungary has also benefited greatly from the large influx of EU funds.

Despite the allegations, these two countries do not adhere to the union’s rules.

Even pro-Brussels politicians in Germany were angry at the alleged amount of money given to rogue states and the increasing speed of their contributions to the EU budget.

But now that Germany has been brutally torn apart by the British, they show little sympathy for the European Union’s center of power.

In response to our opening story, an reader said: “Any sympathy from the UK? No hope in hell!”

The second person wrote, “Don’t you like ‘money cow’ in the UK now?”

Another reader commented, “That’s why we left a part, right?]

“I think they were very happy when we funded most of it.”

The fourth person added: “The UK’s contribution this year should have been 14 billion.

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Germany’s large contributions to the EU budget have angered many of the country’s politicians. EU payments to Warsaw and Budapest.

European Parliament Vice-President Katerina Parly, MEP and SPD member, said: “The European Commission should act immediately and stop EU funding, especially in Hungary and Poland.

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“In these two countries we face obstacles based on adherence to democratic principles.

“The situation is getting worse in Hungary and Poland.”

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“It is slanderous that Germany again spends on the EU budget far more than any other member state,” said Nicholas Feist, a German MEP.

It is better for hard-working Germans to use their money to support the weak and failing economies of the European Union. Our money should be spent on national priorities, not to save the rest of Europe.”

AfD Fellow Gunnar Beck adds: “Germany has become the EU’s Compensation and Welfare Office.

In response, the federal government is now trying to impose a new doctrine of political correctness on others.

“None of this is sustainable. Germany has neither the financial capacity nor the moral authority to rebuild Europe according to its most appalling and self-destructive image.

Except for the German government, no one wants a big self-hating European Germany. We need a major restart not for our economies, but for the European Union.

“It is good that the German people stop financing this fraud in the European Union.”

The financial performance of the European Union is regulated by the European Commission, while democratic Europeans regulate the so-called rule of law, which is supposed to prevent money being repeatedly violated.

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The Brussels-based EU executive declined to publish a detailed budget for fear of political use, but Commission officials said the meeting’s budget is small compared to national spending plans and the benefits of EU members cannot be seen on their own. Drawn from household characters.

Brexit has halted huge payments into the EU budget, 15.8 billion yen in the country’s final year of membership.