Jugend Media Award for HIV/AIDS 2021/2022 | NRW Education Portal

[Schule NRW 11-22]

The Jugend Medienpreis HIV/Aids Prize is an award for committed students and young people who have dealt with HIV/AIDS imaginatively – for example in their spare time, in school lessons, in a theater group, in a choir, as a student editor or youth group.

Media contributions of all kinds are permitted, and should stimulate others to think about people living with HIV. He showed what HIV means today. Whether it’s a video, a text, a play, a radio report, a piece of music…

The jury must be able to recognize that the applicants have thought about how people living with HIV/AIDS live and what the good life can/should look like to them in our community. These ideas should be implemented as creatively or unusually as possible. So it is not enough to show what HI virus is and how you can protect yourself.

Before applying for the Youth Media Award, it is important that the work is presented to others. For example in class, school, youth group. Information about when and who viewed the contribution also belongs to the app.

The jury is made up of media experts, AIDS experts and doctors.

There is a €3,000 prize money for the winning entry. The award ceremony will take place in March 2023 at the German-Austrian AIDS Conference in Bonn.

The entry must have been submitted and shown to others in 2021 or 2022. The deadline for submission is January 15, 2023.

More information at: www.medienpreis-hiv.de

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