October 1, 2023

IOS 14.5 allows Spotify to be the standard music app

IOS 14.5 allows Spotify to be the standard music app

Since HomePod at the latest, there have been calls that Apple is opening up the ecosystem to other providers – similar to Amazon’s Alexa. Users also wanted to use Spotify or other audio services on the smart speaker. Apple also blocked iPhone voice control for a long time before finally launching the interface. However, since then, an additional extended command has always been required to make it work. In iOS 14.5, you are now on a long-awaited new road.

iOS 14.5: Set Spotify as the default music app for your iPhone

IOS 14.5 is currently still in early beta. But it hides many new jobs. Even one of them was so hidden that it took less than a week to discover it. In the new version, Siri specifically interacts with your trigger request. When you first ask to run something, the voice assistant shows you all the available audio apps installed on your device. If you select a service, Siri will remember it for future inquiries, thus using it as the standard app.

Such as Reddit users I found this not only applies to the music app, but also to podcasts. It is even getting better. If you completely delete the Music app from your device, Siri will start playing music directly from Spotify or another installed player. However, attention is drawn to the fact that the feature does not always function properly. In general, it can be said that a new standard music app setting works differently from a browser or mail app and cannot be specified via the Settings app. Apple responds to allegations of distorting competition and gives developers more room to maneuver.

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