October 5, 2023

Hitman 3: Import feature is slowly taking off

Hitman 3: Import feature is slowly taking off

Players who owned previous Hitman games on Steam but purchased Hitman 3 from the Epic Games Store had to give up a feature. But that’s now on hand.

Hitman 3 basically provides the ability to import back-to-back parts locations. However, that’s a problem, if you have those parts on Steam, but got Hitman 3 in the Epic Games Store. So far you can buy the old parts at a discount, but of course it wasn’t in the inventor’s spirit.

IO Interactive has now announced that a similar feature will be delivered by the end of the month. Although they were busy launching Hitman 3, they were also working on a solution that would allow sites that were already owned by Hitman 3 to be imported into the Epic Games Store.

The corresponding solution is now ready and is currently in the testing phase to assess any issues. The feature should come by the end of February at the latest, sooner rather than later. Until then, you can still talk about Announce additional content for Hitman 3 To be published this month.

Hitman 3 – February roadmap with new content

Hitman fans can look forward to: In February there will be new Hitman 3 content every week, which will be presented in more detail in trailer form.

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