Intelligence, science and instinct |

Not every idea, innovation or simple improvement meets the requirements of scientific procedures. Please stop bringing every aspect to the level of a flag. There is a lot to this.

Serious research requires careful analytics, statistics, collection and generalization skills and should produce verifiable results. This work requires high intelligence, complex thinking and above all knowledge. The Latin word “intellegentia”, which had by this time become rare, meant knowledge or understanding. Perhaps crude “common sense” will not be enough to solve difficult problems.

Anyone who does not have these qualities is overwhelmed with tasks. Doubts and rejections rather than arguments are not an answer but misinterpretations. Scientists deserve the highest credit as long as they do not allow themselves to be co-opted by politicians. The great poet JW von Goethe found the most beautiful quote: “Doubt grows with knowledge.”

Dr Gerhard Neuwirth, Tomletcham


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