December 10, 2023

Interessierte können die Ausstellung auf der MS Wissenschaft in 31 Städten besuchen. Foto: Heiner Witte

Ilmenau’s Invention: Flora Incogneta Goes on a Science Tour – Ilmenau

Visitors to MS Wissenschaft can discover, among other things, what is the technology behind the application, what methods have been used by the scientists in developing it and what motivated them to develop the unknown plants. The exhibition also provides information about the contribution individuals can make to biodiversity monitoring and thus nature protection. Flora Incognita is simulated on a touch screen in the belly of a converted cargo ship. This way, nature lovers can choose different types of plants in a virtual meadow and learn what the plants are called and what their importance to nature conservation and science. Professor Patrick Mader, Head of Software Technology for Safety Critical Systems at TU Ilmenau, is particularly pleased to be able to bring his invention closer to young visitors. “Introducing the Flora Incognita project at MS Wissenschaft is a great opportunity to make the app better known, especially to school children. Through our gallery, we not only convey how the app works, but also provide insights into our research project.”

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