March 3, 2024

Only man and nature have a future together

Only man and nature have a future together

Lesch describes the central solution as follows: “We have to get out of this economically driven rhythm, and return to a rhythm that is not only compatible with our nature, but also with nature.” Positions are unambiguous and thus radical. “More and More” Economics offers just that. On the other hand, empathy and pity are “absolute tolerance of ambiguity.” The ability to compromise, to reach consensus, is a “central feature of human coexistence.”

The authors’ conclusion, where we must begin in order to address grievances, can be summed up briefly: we need time. » Time to deal with ourselves and the world. Men and women who are busy providing for themselves and their families have no opportunity to do so at all. Being able to spend this time ‘will have both environmental and individual effects in relation to themselves and especially in relation to interactions with others’. We will have to get an idea of ​​how we want to live in ten years: “A different world is possible only with a different idea.”

And so the authors join the tactic of countless people today calling for climate protection, environmental protection, or social justice — even if you can’t shake the feeling that Leech in particular blames digitization for the waste of free time.

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