March 2, 2024

'I thought I'd never see her again': Thieves steal a car with children in the back seat

“What should I do with my sister?”

A carjacking in Oak Creek, Wisconsin was foiled because a little girl asked a question.


A thief stole father's car. Unfortunately, the two children were still in the car. The eight-year-old's reaction prevented the worst.

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  • Dad's car was stolen from the car wash. The man's two daughters were also in the car.
  • Because the two children did not leave the car, the thief left the car about 1.6 kilometers from the car wash.
  • The two children were not injured and returned safely to their families.

Thanks to the smart reaction of an eight-year-old, a car theft was prevented. Adam Jorgenson's car was stolen Sunday morning in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, while his daughters, Charlie, 8, and Autumn, 2, were still in the car.

Jorgenson reported this to the TV station ABC. He was drying his car when a strange man approached him. Ask for directions. Meanwhile, another man was able to get into the car.

“What should I do with my sister?”

“I had my back turned to the car. That was enough time for the guy to quickly sneak up and take the car,” Jorgenson said.

When the car thief noticed children in the back seat, he asked Charlie to get out. But then Charlie asked the car thief: “What should I do with my sister?”

Meanwhile, Jorgenson ran to the car wash, where he alerted his wife and the police. He tracked his phone, which was still in the car, using the Find My app.

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Both children remained unharmed

Brittany Jorgenson, the children's mother and Adam's wife, recalls how she assumed the “worst case scenario.” “I thought I would never see my children again.”

Finally, the thief abandoned the car about a mile from the car wash. Police said the two children were not injured.

Charlie notices her father's phone is still in the car. She called her mother's number and said, 'Mom, I need you.' We lost my father.”

Brittany Jorgenson said the children should wait for police to arrive.

The investigation has not yet been completed, but the suspect is already in custody. “I'm so thankful that the police got there so quickly and that the kids are safe,” Brittany Jorgenson said.