July 17, 2024

“I am convinced that Zakaria will play a good match”

“I am convinced that Zakaria will play a good match”

July 1

Spain coach Luis Enrique honors Switzerland before the quarter-final duel. When asked if there is a better team in the European Championship than his, he answered clearly: “No!”

Luis Enrique had some nice things waiting for him for Switzerland: “Vladimir Petkovic is a great coach. He employs his team very well. Switzerland can achieve anything in this tournament.” However, Enrique said the team is not very interesting to fans in Spain. The names are not well known.” But he knows from last fall’s Nations League duels: “Switzerland likes to press and attack. She has done well here.”

Enrique has been impressed by his choice so far, even if the start of the tournament was bumpy with two draws against Sweden and Poland. “If you look at the statistics, we have great numbers. I am a fan and have complete confidence in all 24 players. We are in the best shape.” And to the end: “No! There is no better team than us at EM.”

Enrique also has absolute confidence in his goalkeeper Unai Simon, who committed a fatal error in the round of 16 against Croatia before 0-1.

“It could go wrong, we don’t talk about it anymore. It is important to be able to respond to errors. “He has shown that he is very strong in the air and also when he runs out,” said the Spain coach.