Huawei: Without US sanctions, we will only be us and Apple

Since the imposition of US sanctions on Huawei, the Chinese group has lost almost everything when it comes to smartphones. If the US doesn’t step in, there will probably only be Apple and Huawei as the leading smartphone providers today – at least that’s what Huawei says now.

For about four years now, Huawei has been able to purchase chips and other products produced or developed with technologies from US companies to a very limited extent. If not, Huawei could potentially dominate the smartphone world today, according to Huawei Consumer Business Group president Richard Yu, who also heads the group’s smartphone business. Android salad.

“American repression” prevents further progress

According to Yu, only American “repression” prevents Huawei from becoming the largest smartphone maker alongside Apple. Samsung’s not playing a role anymore, according to the very self-confident Yu claim. He said all other providers, including Samsung, will likely only sell products in the US and their home countries today. The less modest statements made by Huawei’s chief consumer officer have only one problem: There are US sanctions after all. In fact, by the first quarter of 2019, Huawei was on its way to becoming the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world with a lot of marketing efforts and the latest technology at attractive prices. At that time they had already reached second place after Samsung and ahead of Apple, but then US sanctions came.

Since then, Huawei has not been allowed to offer Google services and the Google Play Store on its smartphones, among other things. In addition, the development and production of internal Kirin SoCs with 5G support had to be abandoned. Huawei currently only offers smartphones on a very small scale, some of which still have high-end equipment, but do not come with 5G support.

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