November 28, 2023

How do you explain the new youth word of the year as a supervisor

How do you explain the new youth word of the year as a supervisor

«Digga, how is today’s news flying»? In order to explain this year’s new youth word to viewers of Germany’s most important news program, host Susanne Dubner chose an unusual method – the network is excited.

That the most important news program in Germany – as in Switzerland, this one is called “Tagesschau” – is about Youth of the year word You mentioned something special. The question remains: How do you interpret the word “cringe” as a presenter of a highly reputable news program?

ARD TV’s editorial team chose as clear as possible: “Cringe is the feeling you get when I say the following sentence: Digga, how does the daily news fly when you fold in youthful words?” Spokesperson Susan Dubner explained this to supposedly surprised viewers.

For those of you who don’t understand it yet: “Cringe” means “embarrassing” or “uncomfortable.” Most people should feel just like that while discussing Susan Dubner.

In any case, it was well received on the Internet: the 20-second clip was shared many times on Twitter and was commented on mostly with applause. Feedback on “Starker Move tageschau played well” or simply “Sheeeesh digga” was exclusively positive.

By the way, “Cringe” isn’t a newcomer to this year’s youth word choice: the term actually made it to the top last year — but it fell to second place for “getting lost.”