July 16, 2024

Home Secretary Boris Johnson – heroine or instigator?  Opinions differ on Priti Patel – News

Home Secretary Boris Johnson – heroine or instigator? Opinions differ on Priti Patel – News


Priti Patel steadfastly enforces the immigration policy of the Conservative government. Although she emigrated herself.

The economist was responsible for internal security in the UK for two years. At a recent Conservative conference, Priti Patel explained how she wants to make everyday life for Britons safer: “To the citizens – we hear your need for security. To our police – we stand behind you. And to all the criminals in the country – we will hunt you down and catch you.”

However, the Indian-born minister’s main concern remains implementing one of the great promises of the pro-Brexit campaign: ending the free movement of people and immigration law that reduces the number of foreigners in the kingdom.


This year alone, 12,500 people attempted to cross the English Channel in boats. They are not welcome in the UK. With Britain’s exit from the European Union, immigration policy has also changed. That was a big promise to Johnson.


The points system should give access only to those who need it. Unskilled and unskilled workers who speak poorly English will largely be banned from entering the country. Patel also wants to touch the refugees and migrants crossing the English Channel in inflatable boats: “After decades of totally uncontrolled immigration, we finally want a system that makes our borders safe from illegal immigrants.”

The idea of ​​camp on the high seas

Implementation is not easy. Britain’s exit from the European Union also marked the end of the Dublin Agreement. This means that refugees from European countries, regardless of whether they are already registered in the EU or not, can no longer be repatriated. In the Department of Battelle, there are plans to house illegal immigrants on islands located in the South Atlantic.

It held talks with Denmark to manage refugee camps in Central Africa. Soon the idea of ​​training them on neglected oil drilling rigs was examined.

With this, Patel keeps the conservative right-wing happy and angers the left opposition: “Pattle is constantly introducing tough new immigration laws and the way she talks about immigrant limits on racism,” says black Labor MP Don Butler. This does not bother Patel.

Her family fled Uganda in the 1960s when future tyrant Idi Amin was about to take power.

I don’t need lessons from anyone about what it means to escape, immigration, and racism, so Patel. “We are talking about the Home Secretary who was referred to as an Indian cow on the field and later advised to take her husband’s name.” She kept her name and continued her work on the picture book.

In addition to ideology and party, she shares another trait with Boris Johnson: she weathers pitfalls unscathed. For example, when a senior official in her ministry recently accused her of yelling at him and insulting other employees. In the end, the officer in charge of investigating the case had to leave.

Protected by Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister knows what’s inside and takes her under protection. “It makes our country safe by hiring more police officers, ensuring that offenders are not released early from prison, and that we can finally get the asylum crisis under control,” Johnson said.

Patel represents immigration politics because it represents just about everything: in a sharp voice and a bit of self-doubt. Recently, however, the Home Secretary had to admit remorse in an interview that her family might have been denied immigration if her immigration law was in effect at the time.

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