July 16, 2024

His reaction moved many to tears

His reaction moved many to tears

London, United Kingdom) – Dementia is a tragic disease that can profoundly affect families. A video from the UK proves that even in this terrible stage of life, there is always a small glimmer of hope.

Grandpa Joe becomes emotional when he realizes the song his granddaughter is playing in the car. © Imagemontage/Screenshot/Instagram/cherwebbmakeup

Cher Webb, who successfully built a make-up business in London, knows what it feels like when close family members suddenly don’t recognize you.

Her grandfather Joe suffers from dementia and is no longer able to remember everything.

However, there is one thing noticeably etched on his mind: American country music and folk singer John Denver, best known for the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

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But for Grandpa Joe, there is a completely different song on the singer’s top list – “Annie’s Song.” Released in June 1974, the song’s romantic lines remained stuck in Joe’s head forever – even when he developed dementia.

Granddaughter Cher realized this when she was hit in her car one day and her grandfather sat next to her in the passenger seat.


A song that brings back memories

Cher Webb and her grandfather, who suffers from dementia, sing John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” together. © Imagemontage/Screenshot/Instagram/cherwebbmakeup

With the first notes of “Annie’s Song,” Joe became emotional and announced, “I love that song, Han.” Then he even starts singing the song word for word in his best Scottish accent. Cher is clearly enjoying the moment, singing as she drives.

“Annie’s Song brought back so many memories today ❤️,” she explained on Instagram video Participate in a private car trip. “I truly cherish these moments with my dear Grandpa Joe.”

She adds: “Dementia is a terrible disease, and these shared moments and memories seem special and valuable.”

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The famous makeup artist also sends her best wishes to everyone suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. She has “tremendous respect” for her mother, who cares for her seriously ill grandfather every day.

The clip from England moved the hearts of users online. “This made a grown man cry,” one Instagram user explains.

Others tell of their fates as dementia gradually took hold of their relatives. However, many of those affected were able to remember some songs from the past and thus “returned” to their loved ones – at least for a small moment.

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