April 22, 2024

AirTag verloren? Unter iOS 14.6 kann der Finder euch auch E-Mails schreiben

Have you lost your AirTag? Under iOS 14.6, Researcher can write emails for you

If you lose one of your AirTags, a sincere finder can contact you if they find the tag and also the item that you attached to it. To do this, you can enter a phone number on your AirTag, through which the researcher can contact you. However, this direct access capability may not be particularly convenient for all users. iOS 14.6 handles this.

The AirTags It shouldn’t just help you find misplaced items in your four walls. If you lose AirTags and their counterpart, those looking for you should have the opportunity to contact you. That is why he can call the phone number that you gave him when “lost profile” was activated, and you can also leave an SMS. But what if you don’t want to give out a phone number?

As of iOS 14.6, AirTags can also display email addresses

In this case, iOS 14.6 could help. The upcoming iOS update also gives users the option to leave an email address instead of a phone number or both contact options in the Where is app. You can make this information as soon as you report a lost AirTag. He can then from one finder not only with one Iphone, But also an NFC-enabled Android smartphone.

IOS 14.6 is currently the third beta for registered developers and volunteer testers.
The final release is expected for all users in a few weeks. In another message we have about The first jailbreak of the new AirTags Report the consequences for potential researchers.

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