December 8, 2023

Has the time changed this weekend?

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In the fall, like every year, there is a shift from daylight saving time to winter time. When will change happen? The most important information at a glance.

MUNICH – When autumn begins in Germany, an alarm bell automatically rings in many people’s minds: the time change from summer time to winter time is imminent. Anyone unsure whether the disc will be on this weekend can sit back and relax for now. Although October is the right month, there is still some time left.

Next October, like every year, the clocks will be reset to winter time. This means that one night the clocks are suddenly set back by one hour from 3am to 2am. Late risers in particular will enjoy the time change. In winter, it becomes possible to sleep an hour longer without wasting any time.

Time change in October: What day does Scorpio switch to winter time?

In modern devices, the time is changed automatically, and there is a special technology behind this. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and all radio-controlled watches automatically adapt to winter time. This means that all alarm settings can remain the same in the morning and cannot be changed unnecessarily or wake up at night. Only those with an analog wristwatch, wall clock or radio alarm clocks that do not receive a radio signal, for example, have to turn the pointer manually. The latter in particular are very old specimens. In most homes you will probably find clocks with a radio signal.

Second time change 2022: When do we switch from daylight saving time to winter time? © IMAGO / Bihlmayerfotografie

Even though we are already in the middle of October, there is still time until the time changes: it still takes two weeks until the change to winter time takes place. Daylight saving time ends in Germany and most European countries on the last Sunday in October. Specifically, the hours will be changed from the night of Saturday, October 28, to Sunday, October 29.

Switch to winter time: With this memory aid, the time is changed without much confusion

Anyone who regularly has problems with time changes and cannot remember which direction the time changes in summer and winter can help with a simple memory aid. There is a saying: “In the summer the furniture is put out on the balcony, and in the winter it is put back again.” Whoever replaces the word “furniture” with the word “indicator” immediately has the answer.

Meanwhile, there is always a lot of controversy about summer and winter time in Europe. Although discussions have already taken place about the possibility of abolishing the time change, there is disagreement in various countries about which time should prevail. While some European countries prefer standard time, i.e. winter time, others are once again in favor of daylight saving time. However, this confusing mixture of different time zones in Europe should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, the traditional time change currently remains in place. (NZ)